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How To - Run Your Own Minecraft Server On A Mobile

Last night, my son wanted Minecraft with his friends. It's easy if you are in the same house or at the same WiFi access point. He spent New Years Eve with his friends, creating new worlds on the sofa, iPads in hand.

They were all in the same home so they all connected to the same WiFi hotspot.

It can be a bit difficult if you live in different locations. It involves connecting to a server on the internet, but if you want to make one yourself you'll have to download a Windows executable or a Java file which you can run on Linux. You might have a Windows computer kicking around the house somewhere, but do you really want that left on all the time? It will only show this screen...

This will require you to have a computer running (or on the internet), and you'll need the ports open.

This can be done on an old Android smartphone. You'll need the PocketMine app, and a phone that you can leave on. Before you do that, though, you will need to be familiar with how your broadband router functions. Most routers are pretty locked down, and your broadband provider doesn't like you messing around with the settings too much. If you're looking for more information, here are the details.

Grab the app now and download the version you prefer. The "Stable" version worked well for me.

I'll get back to the rest, but it is pretty straightforward. All you need is an app name and nothing else.

When you open Minecraft, click "Play" and then "New", you'll see a symbol at the top that looks something like this.

..not any people hit that. They just create a new world and go. However, you'll need to hit that in a minute and it'll ask you for the name of your world (you can put anything in), the IP address or name of your server and the port.

This is where you need to adjust your broadband router. Find the IP address of your broadband connection. Simply type "my IP" in Google or use a free IP detection tool such as You will need to give this information to your relatives or friends so that they can insert it into their iPads, phones, or tablets to join your server. However, they'll be trying to connect on a certain port. This port can be anything on Minecraft. Choose one or keep the default one and then go to the advanced settings of your broadband router. You will need to search for "NAT/PAT". Your router will ask for the request to be sent to the appropriate internal port at your LAN's internal IP address.

Yes, this can be a bit confusing. Let's get started with the PocketMine application. Just another blog or something Run it and it'll ask you to create a server name, a port and what sort of game you want to create (Creative, Survival, Adventure, Spectator). Once it's started, you can place the phone anywhere in your home and forget about it. You will need to find the IP address of your phone's local IP address. Go into your WiFi settings to find out its internal IP address. It could be, or something similar. Take a note.

Next, head to your router and go into your NAT / PAT rules and set it so that any requests for your magic port (say, 22535) go to (your phone) on port 22535. What you're doing here is basically a bit of routing, which is what the thing is for.

It's easy to get your friends involved by simply entering your IP address and setting the port. You're good to go. Everyone can play together as long as the app is running on an Android phone. It's done.

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