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When buying a phone online can you get phone insurance?
I have been protected for 3 years. My bf wants to obtain a car but around the most elementary insurance he is obtaining rates in excess of 3000 without no claims bonus. I have tried to have rates online to have him on my insurance-but driving separate cars and it seems I can not do this online. Do you have to really phone up them? As it's less headacheWell I must get yourself a bicycle to acquire around more. And its such as a 2000 reg bike that i found which can be in very good condition. And i've got my etc. that is provisional and my CBT however the insurance nevertheless happens as 560!? is there anyway of having it lessen?!

I need motorcycle insurance . Cant afford the silly $1500 insurance for a $3000 bike.?
"Basically cause $1000 price of injury to another car"If running a family sedan"I'd my brother outlined being a driver on my insurance coverage therefore will not use my car and he is shifting

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